Ebola Zaire

Ebola Zaire

CE-IVD marked Real-time PCR kit available

Our ModularDx kit Ebola Zaire has
been launched already in April after the
first reports on the outbreak of Ebola virus.

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TIB MOLBIOL supports HeroRATS More

Rats detecting landmines in former war zones and tuberculosis in human samples

Recently a newspaper article reported on the HeroRATS program, training African giant pouched rats to detect landmines.

Custom Nucleic Acid Synthesis


Since 1990 we manufacture high quality primers and probes for use in Real-Time PCR and many other molecular biology application. We offer a broad range of modifications, dyes and LNA. Our production sites in Berlin, Genoa and Madrid are ISO 9001 and/or ISO 13485 certified. OligoShop

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LightMix® Kits


The launch of our LightMix® Kit for the detection of Influenza A H5N1 in 2005, marked the beginning of an exciting new era of progress for TIB Molbiol. Since then we have developed more than 50 LightMix® Kits. Product Information

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Design of Real-Time PCR Probes


Many years of assisting our customers have contributed to improving our design potential. The positive feedback to our unique PCR assay design has encouraged us to continue this free-of-charge service.

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LightSNiP Assays On Demand


Melting-curve analysis is the most powerful tool for SNP typing – learn more about our cost effective LightSNiP assays using the patented SimpleProbe® technology - runs on all Roche instruments including LightCycler® Nano.

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Real-Time PCR assay design – directions:

In USA and the Americas please contact our office at: design@tibmolbiol.com;
design@tibmolbiol.it to contact our italian office; design@tib-molbiol.de for all other countries. Otherwise contact your local distributor.

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New Synthesis Facility in Madrid

TIB MOLBIOL SL. opened the new oligonucleotide synthesis facility in Madrid, Spain in September 2009. We provide the growing local market with outstanding products and valued services.

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