Yakima Yellow is been used as a reporter dye for TaqMan® Probes. YAK substitutes the dye VIC of Applied Biosystems. Alternatively (depending on the instrument) JOE, HEX, R6G or Cyan550 (Roche) can be used. We recommend the use of FAM or YAK for Duplex TaqMan® reactions.

YAK can be combined with TAMRA, Dabcyl, BHQ-1, BHQ-2 und BBQ (BlackBerry) Quenchers. We recommend BBQ.

YAK can be used on LightCycler® 2.0 and 480, RotorGene 3000 und 6000, Stratagene Mx4000, Bio-Rad ICycler, Eppendorf RealPlex instruments.

Yakima Yellow is a Dichloro-Rhodamin and coupled as an amidite in the synthesis. Yakima Yellow is patented by Epoch.

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