Texas Red

TexasRed®, by Molecular Probes (Invitrogen), is closely related to ROX and is coupled through an amino linker. It cannot be combined with other ester based linkers (e.g. JOE, R6G, LightCycler® Red 610, 640).

TexasRed® is qualified as a reporter dye for TaqMan® probes (e.g. Corbett RotorGene, BioRad ICycler, Roche Diagnostics LightCycler® 480, Eppendorf RealPlex instruments - ATTENTION - Applied Biosystems uses the closely related ROX as reference dye, therefore, TexasRed® can not be used). TexasRed® can be combined with BHQ-2, BHQ-3 und BBQ (BlackBerry) quenchers. We recommend BBQ.

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