Dabcyl is a non-fluorescent dye (methyl-orange). This quencher is mainly used in conjunction with green-fluorescent dyes; either within the molecule (Molecular Beacons, Scorpion Primer or TaqMan® Probes) or in between two neighboring molecules (FRET Probes as quenched FRET Probes).

Dabcyl can be used to extinguish Cyan500, Fluorescein (FAM), TET, JOE, HEX, Cy3, Rhodamin, R6G, TAMRA, BoTMR (and other dyes with an emission in the range of 480 and 580nm). ROX and other longer waved dyes need different quenchers.

We recommend the BlackBerry® Dark Quencher (BBQ), which can be combined with all fluorescent dyes.

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