BlackBerry® Quencher (BBQ)

Our preferred dark quencher for every fluorescent dye.

Currently dark or non-fluorescent quenchers are preferably used for TaqMan® probes replacing TAMRA quenchers. Non-fluorescent quenchers are fundamental for multiplex applications with more than one dye. Suitable dark quenchers are Dabcyl (for yellow/orange dyes) or BlackHoleTM quencher (BHQ) by Biosearch (different quenchers for different wavelengths).

The BlackBerry® quencher (BBQ) can be combined with all fluorescent dyes – ranging from the UV (AMCA) over the blue sector (Cyan500 and FAM) and yellow/orange/red dyes (HEX to ROX) up to dyes of the red to near-infrared sector (LC640, Cy5, Cy5.5).

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