TaqMan® Probes

TaqMan® probes are oligonucleotides, which consist of a reporter dye and a quencher. They are blocked against an extension on their 3’-terminal.

During the PCR-reaction, they are hydrolyzed resulting in a release of the fluorescent dye (5-nuclease-assay).

TaqMan® probes are used for Real-Time detection of PCR products (like Molecular Beacons and LightCycler® HybProbe).

All products are submitted to several purification steps, including three HPLC-passages, to ensure a complete labeling. Minimal amounts of unquenched molecules would lead to a high intrinsic initial fluorescence (high background).


Set (guaranteed) delivery amounts in OD260 (1 to 50 OD) or Nanomol (3 to 150 nmol) and evaluation scale 0,1 OD.


We offer a wide spectrum of fluorescent dyes from UV to red.


TAMRA (Tetramethylrhodamin) is fluorescent itself (internal through thymidin or 3'-terminal).

'Dark Quencher' do not emit any light and do not interfere with the measurement:

Dabcyl (DiAzoBenzyl = Methylorange), BHQ1, BHQ2, BHQ3, BBQ.

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