Design of hybridizations probes

TIB MOLBIOL supports your assays design.

Data needed for LightCycler® System assay development and support

Customer data

  • Customer's name and address
  • telephone, fax, e-mail

Customers request

  • evaluation of customer's own design
  • new assay design

Target data

  • target source, organism
  • experimental set-up quantification or genotyping of variants / polymorphism
  • primers currently used
  • target nucleic acid DNA (genomic) or cDNA (RNA)
  • target sequence genbank entry.*)

*) if known and/or existing related variants (e.g. special strain for virus or bacteria) or target sequence as computer readable file (email, attached text file as txt, doc, or rtf file) location of primers location of mutations

General rules for the design of hybridization probes for the LightCycler® are available from Roche Diagnostics and from Download: PDF-File.

(i) For some applications TIB MOLBIOL might have already established solutions. We do not publish a list of these assays.
(ii) For other applications TIB MOLBIOL might have already designed customers owned solutions and might not be able to find a new and different design -in this case we will evaluate the customer's design.
(iii) All submitted sequence information not available from public sources (Genbank) will be treated confidential. All customer’s design, customer’s primers and assay conditions will be treated confidential.
(iv) In the case that TIB MOLBIOL changes a customer’s design the intellectual properties will stay with the customer.
(v) In the case that TIB MOLBIOL makes the complete design the intellectual properties will be with Olfert Landt, TIB MOLBIOL. The customer is allowed to use this design without any restrictions. All (first) publications of these assays should acknowledge that the design was made in cooperation with/or was from TIB MOLBIOL. New designs made by TIB MOLBIOL will not be given to other customers without written notice and consent of the first customer. Pre-made designs (i) will be available for every customer.
(vi) A reprint of all publications containing assays designed by or with the help of TIB MOLBIOL should be send to TIB MOLBIOL GmbH, Eresburgstraße 22-23, D-12103 Berlin, Germany (