Since 1990, TIB MOLBIOL has been offering custom synthesis of oligonucleotides to a growing number of customers worldwide. As one of the first suppliers of synthetic DNA on the European market, we have since set standards of quality and service. Our core competence lies in the synthesis of nucleic acids and analoga; we have transferred a selection of our other Molecular Biology custom services to newly established companies. Our GenExpress laboratory offers cloning and expression services. Today, our oligonucleotide production facilities in Germany, USA, Italy and Poland offer a broad spectrum of products and services. Our application fields vary and customers range from life science research and environmental analysis to medical diagnostics over product quality assessment. Oligonucleotides are employed as primers in the PCR for target quantification, for DNA sequencing, as hybridization probes and as AntiSense reagents or therapeutics. The individual requirements of the users have kept a relatively simple chemical molecule in an exceptional position. PCR in particular has revolutionized laboratories of molecular biology, giving way to a vast number of applications and possibilities. To know of these applications, to contribute to their debate, to estimate their potential, to recommend or to suggest them, or even to try them out means a continuous confrontation with new techniques. The awareness of the individuality of the product is thus a central feature of custom synthesis. We have therefore focused on developing and designing the appropriate molecules for our customers. Concurrently, the demands on our products have changed... leading to new concepts which we regularly transform in new product profiles.

Quality Statement

TIB MOLBIOL is committed to high quality - which apply not only to the product itself but also to diligent and swift production, a service void of annoyance and consideration of environmental care. We believe that the basic key for a controlled process is our staff of skilled and experienced professionals. Our synthesis laboratories are air-conditioned under lowest air humidity, ensuring constant production conditions throughout the year. Moreover, the continuous monitoring of all processes, our strict quality management system, ISO 9000 certification, the exclusive use of certified reagents and a final quality check guarantee the highest possible quality and consistency of each product.


Fluorescence has widely changed the possibilities for the detection of molecules and molecular interaction, not only reaching the sensitivity of radioactivity but also allowing new insights. For example, time-resolved data and parallel / multiplex measurements. Fluorescence is used to measure enzyme kinetics for the analysis of DNA sequences, detection on arrays, in-situ hybridization and chromosome painting. The number of applications is still growing. Today many advanced applications are based on energy transfer between two fluorophores, or on quenching of a fluorophore. Both depend on the distance between the two interacting molecules. Hence, each works as a sensitive monitor of their vicinity, producing signals, without washing steps, the use of developer reagents or enzyme substrates.

LightCycler® Instruments

The newly introduced Real-time PCR monitoring is based on the FRET energy transfer. It is our pleasure to offer the custom synthesis of hybridization probes to be used with the new LightCycler® Instruments. For the first steps with these instruments, we are happy to lend our assistance in the design of suitable probes, either for product quantification or nucleotide polymorphism detection. On request we check your system, give you our suggestions or design HybProbe assays based on your established PCR primers. We use different programs to analyze the melting temperature, thermodynamic stability, hybridization kinetics, sequence structure, false priming and to search Genbank entries. To ensure efficient support you should provide us with the sequences of the primers you are using, if available, the Genbank accession number of the target sequence or the target sequence in a machine readable format (e-mail, txt or rtf file preferred). Especially in the case of multiple Genbank entries, known variants, subtypes and strains, we need further information regarding the requirements of your assay, e.g. detection of families, selective detection, sub-typing, variant exclusion, multiplex testing and/or other. All information provided will be treated confidentially. Naturally this comprises all sequences as well as the projects and laboratories involved. For some applications, we have our own systems or we may know already published assays. Please inquire. The optimization of your HybProbe design is a service of TIB MOLBIOL, free of charge. In the case of a complete design of your assay, we appreciate the acknowledgement of our contribution in the publication. Custom design is also available as a chargeable service. Collaboration projects are welcomed.