Working Voncentration (Labeled Primer, Probe, Reverse Primer)

Opening Vials Containing Lyophilized Products:

Spin down before opening. The pellet might be attached to the lid.

Hybridization Probes for the LightCycler®

HybProbes are delivered in fixed molar amounts of 300 pmol, 1 nmol, 3 nmol, 6 nmol or 30 nmol.

Do not freeze lyophilized probes. Products are stable at room temperature. Store dark.

Usage with the LightCycler®

When using an internal LC Red 640 labeled primer instead of a probe pair, the fluorescein probe will be located on the opposite strand. The concentration of the labeled primer is as for an amplification primer:

Asymmetric (internal label primer, probe)

Concentration in the reaction

Molar amounts in Master Mix

per reaction

Vol. per reaction

32 samples 640 µl

10 samples 200 µl

1 sample 20 µl

Volume of stock/reaction

Primer iLC

0,50 µM

320 pmol

100 pmol

10 pmol

1 µl/10 µM

Probe 3FL

0,10 µM

64 pmol

20 pmol

2 pmol

1 µl/3 µM

2. Primer

0,20 µM

128 pmol

40 pmol

4 pmol

0,4 µl/10 µM