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The LightCycler® (Figure) from Roche Diagnostics is an extremely fast thermocycler with on-line fluorescence detection. It enables the user to monitor the amplification of the PCR product simultaneously in real-time allowing the accurate quantification of target sequences. The innovative function called melting curve analysis performed after the PCR offers a powerful system for genotyping single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and for mutation detection.



1. The LightCycler® consists of a cylindrical chamber where the air, which has virtually no mass, is warmed by a heating coil. The PCR occurs in glass capillaries which can hold up to a volume of 20 µl. This high surface to volume ratio allows very rapid cycles.
2. The detection unit consists of a blue LED light source and three detection channels which measure emitted light at three different wave lengths (530 nm, 640 nm and 710 nm).

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Typical applications are the quantification of Interleukin transcripts in immunology; the detection of pathological mRNAs 8e.g bcrabl in CML Leukemia or the quantification of pathogenic germs.

Genotyping requires the use of hybridization probes. Examples of genotyping are the determination of genetic mutations as in Factor V Leiden responsible mutations, or genotypingof Herpes virus (HSV 1/2).

Several fluorescence formats are available to determine nucleic acids.