Influenza A H5N1 Asia (H5 gene)

Avian Influenza is an infectious disease of birds caused by negative strand RNA viruses of the type A strain of the Influenza virus with several subtypes.

Infection results in a wide spectrum of symptoms, ranging from mild illness to a highly contagious and rapidly fatal disease.The latter is characterized by sudden onset, severe illness, and rapid death, with a mortality that can approach 100%. To date, all outbreaks of this highly pathogenic form have caused by Influenza viruses A of subtypes H5 and H7.

This LightMix® kit specifically detects the HA gene of the H5N1/Asia variant. No internal control included - this kis is recommended to be used for samples which have been tested Influenza A positive, for example using the LightMix® Kit InfA M2 (40-0234).

The kit detects 10 copies of Avian Influenza A Virus (Subtype Asia) H5 DNA (in an exemplary system, using cloned targets as reference).

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