Cytomegalovirus (hCMV)

Human Cytomegalovirus (CMV), also known as Human Herpesvirus 5 (HHV-5), is a double stranded DNA virus and member of the herpes virus family. Primary infections of immunocompetent hosts are normally without symptoms; some individuals develop fever, and a very small percentage suffers from a mononucleosis syndrome or a mild hepatitis. About 50-80% of the population is positive for CMV. Infections of unborn and young children as well as of immuno compromised individuals may cause severe symptoms and can be life threatening.

CMV will be tested in case of signs of mononucleosis and absence of EBV or symptoms of hepatitis and negative results for HAV, HBV or HCV. Diagnosis of CMV infections is based on serology, virus culture or PCR. Preferred target genes for the Real-Time-PCR are the immidiate early (MIE)1, the polymerase (UL54), glyocprotein B (UL55)2, the phospoprotein pp65 (UL83)3 genes or intron UL93 4 for which several TaqMan and LightCycler® assays have been published 1-4.

The LightMix® Kit CMV is based on the amplification of a fragment of the Glycoprotein B gene and provides a fast, easy and accurate system to identify and quantify this target in a nucleic acid extract. A control amplification reaction acts as internal control (IC). This kit has been tested on the LightCycler® 1.x / 2.0 / 480 II Instruments with Roche Diagnostics ‘LightCycler® FastStart DNA Master HybProbe’.


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