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ESHG - European Human Genetic Conference

Nurnberg, Germany, 23 - 26 June, 2012

NürnbergMesse - NCC Ost, Hall 7A, Booth 544

LightSNiP Assays

Meet us at NürnbergMesse hall 7A, booth 544 and explore the variety of products and services of TIB MOLBIOL.

We present our LightSNiP assays for the determination of any polymorphism using single labelled probes and a melting curve analysis. LigthSNiP assays can be used with any LightCycler® instrument, but also on the Helixis ECO, the Qiagen RotorGene, Bio-Rad CFX and Applied Biosystems 7500 and StepOne instruments.

ESHG - European Human Genetic Conference 2012