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Custom Nucleic Acid Synthesis

Since 1990 we manufacture high quality primers and probes for use in Real-Time PCR and many other molecular biology application. We offer a broad range of modifications, dyes and LNA. Our production sites in Berlin, Genoa and Madrid are ISO 9001 and/or ISO 13485 certified. OligoShop

Locked-Nucleic Acids (LNA) enhance probe binding.

The oligonucleotide synthesis allows creating sequences from about six to far more than 100 nucleotides. The products can contain diverse modificatons at both ends and also internally. The most important product variants are defined in the OligoShop, sorted by the main categories: primers, TaqMan® and hybridization probes, thioate oligomers and other modified products. Besides these pre-defined products our laboratories and experienced staff are equipped to answer to your needs. Please contact us by Email for inquiries regarding any type of oligomers.

Our ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified facilities, attest TIB Molbiol for the production of primers and probes for In Vitro diagnostics and other medical devices.

ISO 13485 Certificate