Since 1990, TIB MOLBIOL has been providing custom synthesis of oligonucleotides to a growing number of customers worldwide. Our products are used in the fields of life science research, medical diagnostics, product quality assessment and environmental analysis. Being one of the first suppliers of synthetic DNA in Europe, we have not only set standards of quality and service, but continue to lead in fulfilling your demanding requirements for high quality products and services.

The potential of Real-Time PCR was recognized by TIB Molbiol immediately upon its introduction in 1997. The company focused on this new technology by researching new application approaches and experimenting with different technical formats.

In 1998 Boehringer Mannheim (now Roche) introduced the LightCycler® Real-Time PCR Instrument. Based on the novel detection format of HybProbes and an innovative thermal cycling technology, the instrument revolutionized Real-Time PCR not only by speeding up the process but also by the versatility of possible experimental applications. TIB Molbiol embraced the new chemistry of HybProbes and embarked with Boehringer Mannheim in a mutual effort to increase the application scope and attractiveness of the instrument.

Design and Service

TIB Molbiol invested its most valuable resources, expertise, knowledge, experimental curiosity and risk readiness, by adapting conventional PCR assays to Real–Time PCR assays or developing assays from scratch. For more than ten years the company has offered this service free-of-charge, accumulating more than 15,000 Real-Time PCR assays. They are based on a variety of detection formats, for assays ranging from simple detection to expression quantification, mutation analysis and to the highly complex detection of low mutant target concentration in a wild type background.

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LightMix® Kits

A dozen years of experience in Real-Time PCR and the cooperation with renowned scientists have enabled TIB Molbiol to develop a line of cost effective tools, the LightMix® Kits (licensed from Roche Diagnostics). Our kits cover different genotyping applications for pharmacogenetics, cancer mutation identification, clinical chemistry and hemachromatosis (licensed from Bio-Rad) as well as quantification tests for haematology or pathogen detection. These kits have been specifically designed, developed and evaluated for and on the family of LightCycler® Instruments to ease routine work without compromise in the quality reliability and reproducibility of the results.

TIB MOLBIOL - Worldwide

Besides its 4000 square meter facility in Berlin, Germany, TIB Molbiol entertains offices and production facilities in the USA, Italy, Spain and Poland. The company’s presence in several countries has facilitated the support and cooperation with its customers and increased its potential to quickly respond to critical biological threats. This has been demonstrated in the cases of SARS, Anthrax, Avian Influenza H5N1 and the novel Influenza H1N1 swine. TIB Molbiol was always among the first to provide useful diagnostic tools.

Quality Statement

TIB Molbiol is committed to high quality - which apply not only to the product itself but also to diligent and swift production, a service void of annoyance and consideration of environmental care. We believe that the basic key for a controlled process is our staff of skilled and experienced professionals. Our synthesis laboratories are air-conditioned under lowest air humidity, ensuring constant production conditions throughout the year. Moreover, the continuous monitoring of all processes, our strict quality management system, ISO 9000 certification, the exclusive use of certified reagents and a final quality check guarantee the highest possible quality and consistency of each product.

Our development and production are certified after ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 (medical devices).